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The startup created in 2020 to develop a range of innovative RRH and RRU Cloud-RAN 3GPP 4G/5G equipment so-called “Green 4G/5G RadioCom” dedicated to the Indoor Market in professional real estate (Offices, Warehouses, shopping center,…)
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NextTech'In innovating solution

The report of a meager penetration rate of the 3G/4G/5G indoor wireless communication service for the professional real estate market triggered at the end of 2017 reflects on the need for the development of an optimized telecoms product catalog.

Green RadioCom©

NextTech’In SAS has been created to develop a very innovative RU/RRH Cloud 4G and 5G equipment called “Green 4G/5G RadioCom” perfectly adapted to the ecological and environmental constraints and requirements applicable in the real estate structure.

The NextTech’In has implemented a strategic plan for the supply of a value-added service (VAS) so-called “WirelesScore©”, lever for value creation for real estate developers, builders, and real estate operators.

Why choose NextTech'In ?

Without NextTech'In
Without NextTech'In
  • New building “HQE” (High Environmental Quality) standards : Faraday cage
  • No or few 4G and 5G outdoor
    network penetration
  • Customers/users frustration
Without NextTech'In
With NextTech'In
With NextTech'In
  • Compliance with the HQE building Standard
  • 4G and 5G networks available inside the building
  • Customers/users satisfaction
  • Approved solution according to the “Green Radiocom” label
  • Very low CAPEX/OPEX
With NextTech'In
Associated Services
The supplies and services that NextTech'In and / or its partners will provide are as follows :
Associated Services
  • Project engineering study (design of the system to be implemented in terms of the quantity of equipment and the interconnection system thereof)

  • Supply of RU / RRH 4G / 5G type radio head equipment

  • Interconnection router

  • Tools for supervision and maintenance of the equipment listed above

  • Supply of installation accessories (antennas, couplers, coaxial cables, etc.)

  • Installation and commissioning services for equipment and accessories

  • After-sales support services