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General context

During recent years, the radiocommunication market has been facing a four-dimensional change which are :
  • Technologically
    • The advent of 3GPP 4G and 5G Cloud / Open-RAN technologies ;
  • Economically
    • The re-segmentation of the 4G / 5G market with the new Cloud-RAN 5G telecom equipment offer, and a concentration of the "Bigs" (Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei) on external 4G / 5G markets ;
  • Regulatory
    • The observation by the ARCEP regulator of a glaring insufficiency in the quality and quantity of 3G / 4G wireless communications services inside the building structures (coverage rate <1% in France) ;
    • The introduction of the “New Deal Mobile” by ARCEP, which requires coverage of the indoor areas (buildings, etc.) by the 4G / 5G mobile radio operators ;
    • The launch by ARCEP of a working group dedicated to promoting the New Deal ;
  • Socio-cultural level
    Socio-cultural level
    • The advent of sustainable development (Waves & Health, respect for environmental standards, HQE targets, etc.) and the "connected world", particularly in the building sector.

Creation of NextTech'In Company

An answer to an increasingly growing need

The observation of a meager penetration rate (- 1.5%) of the market for 3G / 4G / 5G wireless connectivity services inside buildings and warehouses, exacerbated by a growth in the need for the use of the services in these places, triggered at the end of 2017 a reflection on the necessity for the development of an optimized, flexible and long-lasting telecom product offer, aimed at the implementation of 4G / 5G wireless connectivity services inside building structures.

This reflection led to the effective creation of the company NEXT TECHNOLOGIES INNOVATIONS SAS (NextTech'In SAS).

Nexttech'In SAS was therefore created to mainly address the indoor wireless connectivity market in building structures and white areas through an investment in the development of a very innovative offer of RRH telecoms Cloud 4G and 5G radio head equipment, known as “Green RadioCom ©”, in perfect harmony with the environmental and ecological constraints and requirements applicable in building structures (such as HQE).

In order to respond nominally to the need for extension of 4G and 5G wireless communication services in professional real estate structures, which corresponds to an accurate expectation of real estate players, the company NextTech'In SAS has implemented a strategic plan which provides in particular for the provision of an added value service (VAS) called “WirelesScore ©”, a lever for creating value for developers, builders, and property operators.

NextTech'In, your added value

What does NextTech'In offer ?

NextTech’In SAS is an innovative company specializing in the design, development, marketing and deployment of “RRH type radio head” products known as “Green RadioCom ©”, using Cloud / Open RAN 4G / 5G technology.

These products are interconnectable with existing mobile telephone networks, and specifically designed for the wireless communication market inside professional buildings.


NextTech'In, your added value